Corporate Wellbeing & Private Counselling

Wellbeing Talks

I deliver motivational talks and facilitate workshops across a wide range of subjects throughout Ireland including:


• Wellbeing – Mind Over Matter

• Stress Management – a Cognitive Approach

• Authentic & Meaningful Living – the Existential Quest

• A Mindful Approach to Wellbeing

• Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


I take complex subjects and present them in an accessible, pragmatic and relevant way. I tend to shoot from the hip, and believe that laughter truly is the best medicine. Audiences can look forward to an energetic, insightful and fun experience.


“Fiona has a remarkable ability to engage with audiences from a range of backgrounds and age groups. Her talent to incorporate humour and light-heartedness into her presentations is exceptional ensuring to captivate her audience’s attention from start to finish.”

The National Dairy Council


“There is an immediate connection with her audience. There are no half measures ….safe is not a word that applies to this feisty lady. Leonard Cohen said there is a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in. Fiona Hoban is shining her own zany torch in a troubled world. And it is hard to beat a good belly laugh in these torrid times.”

Gerry McLaughlin

Sligo Weekender

Fiona Hoban (MA) Corporate Wellbeing & Private Counselling. Telephone: 087 2337109